*Hair color subject to change

*Hair color subject to change


I'm Krista. 

Though I'm a Pittsburgh, PA native, I currently live in Columbia, SC.

I became a Registered Nurse in 2012, and, after just two years of hospital work in mostly critical care units, I realized our treatment of chronic disease as well as the nutritional dogma preached didn't jive with me. Nobody left the hospital healthy... just slightly less sick.  

After years of chronic dieting and cardio, I embraced a more natural lifestyle that actually nourished my body.  I became fascinated with not being obsessed with calories, weight measurements, or miles run.  Life got better. I have more energy, more control of my emotions, more strength, and more  satisfaction.  

I continued hospital nursing for almost three more years indulging in travel nursing (New Hampshire to California!) ultimately settling down in Columbia.  I have worked in a holistic doctor's office, and I've decided to follow my gut (especially since I've healed it!).  

This is my offering of guidance, advice, and accountability as a health coach.  I'm not going to heal you. I'm going to provide you with tools to address areas of concern in your life.  This is a whole-life approach.  I'm not going to flip your world upside-down, but we are going to address your concerns and create sustainable changes by redesigning your habits. 

Struggling with food sensitivities and don't know where to start?  Tired all the time and tired of it?  Body image issues and scale obsession? Let's reframe your goals. Schedule your first meeting with me, and we'll get you moving on the right track.