Aldi Round-up!

We live in a great area in Columbia, SC.  There are lots of options for buying local, organic produce and pasture-raised meats.  That being said, I can't deny my budget, and I'm sure many of you can relate.  Also, I LOVE perusing grocery stores, so, each week, I'll be featuring a grocery store for the money-conscious and sharing some of my top picks.

This week, I ventured to Aldi off of Saint Andrew's Road in Irmo (though I'm sure you can find these options in most Aldi's).  If you weren't aware, this store in particular was recently remodeled in accordance with Aldi's new mission to provide affordable, organic and healthier options. 


Aw nuts!

Right when you enter, Aldi has a great selection of assorted nuts.  

You can find:


Roasted unsalted almonds: $4.99
Pistachios: $6.49
Pumpkin seeds: $2.19

Moving on from the nuts, I am so impressed with their new selection of organic and regular  produce options.  
Organic bananas: $0.59/lb
Organic rainbow carrots: $1.69/lb
Garden salad bags: $0.89
Broccoli florets: $2.19

This is where I usually start to dive around different areas:
Plain organic whole milk yogurt: $2.99 (NO sugar!)
Organic apple cider vinegar: $1.99  (16.9 fl oz)
Organic creamy peanut butter: $3.99 (the cashew & almond butters add sugar. Bummer!)
Gluten-free beef jerky: $3.99 (still uses soy, but it's a gluten-free soy)
Organic white or brown rice: $2.99 (28oz)
Organic coconut oil: $4.49
Organic olive oil: $3.99
Coconut water: $2.99 (no added sugar, 33.8 fl oz)
Naturally-flavored seltzer waters: $0.59
Kerrygold grassfed cheese: $3.49 (5-7oz)
Happy farms grassfed cheese: $2.99 (5-7oz)
Organic salsa: $3.49 (16oz, no sugar added)
Sparkling mineral water: $0.69
Wild-caught flounder: $3.99 (16 oz)

Honorable mentions: 
Pumpkin seed tortilla chips (meh, uses vegetable oil, but these ARE gluten free!)
Assorted Fair Trade coffees
Raw honey
Assorted raw, mixed nuts
Vita Coco coconut water: $2.19
GT's Kombucha: $2.89
Kevita Probiotic drink: $2.59

A little scattered, and I skimped out on the meat section (time constraints!).  However, if you've been passing up Aldi in the past, I would recommend reconsidering with so many new options! They also have a great brand called Live GFree, and those products don't contain gluten, soy, OR grains (TBH the pizza was pretty good!).  

Stay tuned for this weekly feature, and please comment any recommendations for grocery stores you want to see! I'm planning on going to Walmart next week!